Month: April 2015

There are a lot of pizza places in New York City – over 2,500 in fact. With all that pizza, competition is high and prices are low, with many restaurants offering a slice for only a dollar. A man named Francisco Balagtas is on a mission to determine which dollar pizza is the best in the city and posting his findings on Instagram.

Francisco intends to pursue this project for the next two years. He rates each slice on its cheese, sauce, and crust with a score of 1 to 5.

Imagine the positive publicity that could be directed at your restaurant if you were chosen the best!

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Running a business isn’t easy, especially a restaurant business. Your inventory is perishable and you deal with higher than average employee turnover. Cutting costs without sacrificing quality service is a must if you want to make any money.

This article from Fast Casual features six great tips to help you reduce your spending and become more efficient without requiring a lot of extra work. For starters, go paperless. It may seem minor, but when you take into consideration printers, ink, folders, paper and repair it all adds up.

Decreasing the size of your menu can also help you cut costs and focus on the things your customers want the most. Remove items that don’t sell well, and run specials on perishable products before you have to toss them out.

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Millennials love their technology. A 2013 survey by the NRA found over half of all Internet users are interested in mobile ordering and almost 75 percent of Millennials are fans of the idea.

Fast Casuals are the go-to restaurants for this demographic, but Quick Service Restaurants are looking to grab their attention with more tech savvy services like digital ordering to increase efficiency and convenience.

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The FDA’s menu label law goes into effect in December, so it’s time to get prepared! As part of a six part series, this article from Nation’s Restaurant News explains the new menu labeling requirements in detail, including what menu items are affected and how to embark on this new journey.

Some menu items and beverages will be more difficult to label than others, such as items that come in different flavors but are listed as one item (milkshakes for example), and self-service food such as salad bars.

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In states where it is recreationally legal, restaurants and chefs are cashing in on the other green trend with weed-infused marijuana meals. The only problem is the taste, which can be difficult to cover even with spices and strong flavors. All that is changing with one chef’s innovative development of scentless (and tasteless) cannabutter.

He calls himself Jeff the 420 Chef, and he’s paving the way for a new surge in culinary creativity. The butter can be used in any recipe that calls for regular butter, from sweet cookies and iconic brownies to savory dishes like chicken and potatoes. He offers classes on how to cook with cannabutter in legal states.

The market is in its infancy, but with more states looking to legalize in the coming years it’s got a bright future. This green herbal trend could put more green in your pocket!

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There’s no such thing as a free meal, even if you have a purse full of crickets. Recently a woman named Shatanya dined on wings, ribs, and caramel pretzel bites at Applebee’s and then strategically placed a dead cricket on her leftovers before demanding a free meal and leaving.

The manager noticed the bag of dead crickets in Shatanya’s purse, and made sure to note her license plate number before she drove off. She was arrested and forced to pay her tab (presumably not with crickets).

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Even though many people are seeking healthier food options, fried food remains popular and plentiful. Culinary trends are continuing to evolve however, and many restaurants are giving fried foods a dynamic makeover with deep-fried proteins and side options.

A different flavor and texture is added when pork, chicken, and seafood is deep-fried, and restaurants can reduce some of their food costs by offering fried sides like potato or vegetable chips made in house. Foods like ice cream and even avocados are getting the fried treatment too!

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If you’re looking to apply to or just landed a new position as a server at a fine dining establishment, these tips will help you make a great impression and lead you on the right track to success in the high class restaurant business.

This article from Shiftgig lists a bunch of fine dining serving tips. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with wine and understand how to present and serve it. Always use a tray to both deliver and pick up glasses from your table. Be patient and don’t expect tables to turn quickly.

Many of these tips work well for all wait staff. Watch and learn from other servers, and befriend the best ones. Treat the kitchen staff well and they’ll likely treat you well in return. Talk slowly, get to know your regulars, be polite, and always smile!

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Overall restaurant business is booming, though Millennial spending has decreased over the last few years. Millennials are concerned that eating out is more expensive and less healthy than cooking at home. To keep this elusive group coming back (especially those with children), restaurants need to offer good quality meals at competitive prices.

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Millennials are getting older and spending more money, and in order to lure them to your restaurant you have to have their needs in mind. With trends toward transparency, sustainability, and interesting decorations and design, there are multiple ways to grab young consumer attention.

This article from Nation’s Restaurant News looks at communal tables, natural materials, kitchen transparency, atmosphere, and digital hook-ups to entice millennials into your restaurant and keep them coming back!

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