Month: May 2015

We’re living in a fast-paced, technology driven society now, and that’s becoming more apparent with the upcoming generation’s penchant for digital devices. This provides restaurants with a huge opportunity that many are taking advantage of, and your business could likely benefit as well. This handy infographic gives you the facts on technology’s potential in food service, and the future is bright!

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Crowfunding allows for a lot of really cool creative projects to come to life, but can the business platform be applied to the food service industry as well? A company called Foodstart is similar to giants Kickstarter and Indiegogo, but focused on giving restaurants a boost.

While it doesn’t seem to work well to launch a restaurant from the ground up, crowdfunding could be a great way to generate extra revenue and interest for certain projects or fund alterations to your existing restaurant or bar.

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Food waste is a huge issue in the United States, with an estimated 40 percent of our food going into landfills and left to rot. A lot of that waste comes from restaurants and grocery stores, but instead of going in the garbage, it could be going to feed hungry people and animals.

That’s the thinking behind France’s new law that mandates all supermarkets give up their unsold, unspoiled food to charities. Recently grocery stores have been purposefully spoiling unsold food with bleach to keep homeless people from taking it from their dumpsters – a practice that has also been outlawed.

Could the United States be looking at similar legislation in the future? With a consumer driven push toward sustainability, it could be hugely beneficial for restaurants to get on board the waste reduction train.

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Food allergies are not fun, and they can even be fatal, so it’s something all restaurants need to take seriously. Keeping your kitchen running smoothly with staff trained in food allergy procedures is important, and many kitchen product brands are featuring purple supplies designated as allergen free to help chefs keep allergy-causing foods separate.

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While Los Angeles has had a $9.00 minimum wage for some time (almost $2.00 more than the federal minimum wage of $7.25), its recent vote to raise the minimum to $15.00 by 2020 has people talking.

Nearly half of the city’s work force make less than $15 an hour, many of them employed in food service, so it will be interesting to see how the increase affects the local economy.

Do you think your city is next? When will we see a national increase?

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Professional cooking has been a male-dominated profession for a long time, which is interesting and odd since throughout much of history women have traditionally filled the role of home chef. The landscape has been changing in recent years, and a remarkable female chef from Paris has been named World’s Best Chef of 2015.

Helene Darroze owns two classy restaurants in Europe, and she served as the inspiration for the character Collette in the popular animated Disney Pixar film “Ratatouille.” While she’s probably not quite as temperamental as her fictional counterpart, they both share the same passion and drive in their work.

Helene will receive recognition this June at “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants” awards show in London. She hopes to inspire more women to work toward their dreams.

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Many restaurants are interested in sustainable practices and becoming more eco-friendly, especially to appeal to Millennials. Consider adding an induction range to your back of house for energy efficient cooking that’s both clean and user friendly.

Electromagnetic energy directly heats pots and pans while the stove top stays cool, making it much safer than other cooking methods. It also offers you precise temperature control!

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Offering delivery at your restaurant can extend your customer base and it integrates your brand strongly in the community, but are you doing it right? This article from Fast Casual explores the idea of third party delivery services and digital ordering platforms as ways to improve how your handles the delivery process.

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Hosting a trivia night at your pub is a great way to bring customers in and generate extra business on what would otherwise be slow evenings. Pub quizzes are entertaining and fun – exactly what people look for in a bar experience! These tips will help you run trivia night right.

Marketing is important for pub quizzes, and you want to make sure you get the word out in advance with social media and local advertising.

You’ll also want to secure a great host who is charismatic and fun to engage with. They should be a real people person but also organized and able to keep the game going at a good pace.

Don’t make the game too complicated. You should have challenging questions, but keep the format simple and straightforward. Your prizes should also be of an enticing value, but not too extravagant. Make sure to stick to the rules and discourage cheating!

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As a server, tips probably make up a pretty big portion of your income. Helpful service with a smile and making sure your customer is taken care of will help net you bigger tips, but don’t do what Victoria Lynn Bachmann did to increase her tip pay or it will land you in jail. She stole directly from the customers!

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