Month: May 2015

Restaurant reviews are a big thorn in the side of every food service business. On the one hand, positive reviews are great for business. On the other, bad reviews whether accurate or completely unfounded can damage a restaurant’s image and really hit your morale. With a push to engage more in social media, many restaurants are replying back to set the record straight.

Recently a restaurant owner in New Zealand received a review from a customer who wrote her time at the restaurant was “the worst dining experience ever.” She went on to complain how her food was too salty and wasn’t made correctly.

The restaurant replied with a Facebook post describing how the customers were rude and never responded when asked if everything was okay. They also ordered “brined” menu items, which you would expect to be salty, and didn’t accurately read the menu descriptions.

Read the full article here: New Zealand Restaurant Tears Apart a Bad Review and Drops the Mic



Protein prices are high, especially beef, but there’s a new food trend that’s just as nutritious as traditional meat but comes in a much smaller (and much less expensive) package – insects!

This article from Foodservice Director explores the idea of insects as a sustainable food source. Insects require less resources to raise, they can be prepared any number of ways, and they’re showing up in restaurant food around the world – on purpose!

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