Month: September 2015

Health food fanatics and health-conscious millennials alike are obsessed with ancient grains, but which ones will help you boost business the best? As this post from Food Navigator USA points out, while quinoa has been at the forefront of the ancient grain game, many other varieties like amaranth and freekeh are starting to gain traction on menus.

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Oysters are already a pretty decadent menu item on their own and in their simplest, raw state, but chefs everywhere are looking for new ways to make oysters even fancier. This post from Nation’s Restaurant News highlights some of the most inventive and over-the-top oyster preparations around the nation, like bacon wrapped oysters with Rockefeller sauce.

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The Multi-Unit Foodservice Operators Conference, or MUFSO, as it’s more informally known, was held earlier this September and highlighted a lot of up and coming food trends making their way through the foodservice industry. While some trends come and go after just a few months, the trends seen as this year’s MUFSO highlight a general shift among diners that seems to be here to stay. This post from Nation’s Restaurant News highlighted a few of the top trends seen at the conference, and what they mean for foodservice operators.

One of the biggest shifts that’s been seen in the foodservice and restaurant industry of late is that of diners’ preference towards locally sourced ingredients. More and more, people want to know where their food is coming from and are leaning towards chains and menu items that source their ingredients from the local community. Customers are also looking for “cleaner” items, and food items that highlight what’s not inside more than what is. Foods that can tout all-natural, GMO free, gluten-free, and non-processed ingredients are higher on the popularity scale among many diners lately. For more on growing trends in the foodservice industry, read on.

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Whether you’re just starting your career or looking for advice about the foodservice industry, having a mentor to help guide you through various career choices or transitions can be extremely beneficial for both parties. This post from Shiftgig highlights some of the key benefits to a mentor-menthe relationship.

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If you haven’t jumped on the pumpkin spice beverage train yet, it may be time to hop on the autumnal bandwagon. This post from QSR Magazine explains how offering pumpkin-flavored beverages on a limited-time offer status during the fall months can help to boost sales, especially when offering a unique take on the beloved popular pumpkin craze.

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The best thing you can do for your restaurant business is listen to what your customers actually want. As this post from Nation’s Restaurant News points out, whether it means using ingredients that your customers like, focusing more on nutrition, or aligning with a charitable organization that they believe in, giving your customers a voice can mean big business.

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Miami is often thought of as one of the great melting pot cities of modern times. With such close proximity to Central and South America, as well as the southern states in the U.S., there is such a wide range of flavors and cultures explored through food. Multiple generations of immigrant families have found success in highlighting the flavors of their country, while still embracing the local Miami culture, and the Miami food scene is growing faster than almost another other in the United States. This post from FSR Magazine explores the growing popularity of international restaurateurs in choosing Miami as their next restaurant destination.

Because of such a diverse culture feel and a food scene to match, many restaurateurs from countries as far away as the UK and Israel have set their sights on Miami to experiment with new flavors and restaurant concepts. Of course, coming from cultures like those in London and Tel Aviv doesn’t always translate perfectly in Miami and the food has to updated to fit in with the diverse landscape, but with such an emphasis on melting together in the first place, Miami may very well be the next international food destination.

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In recent years, bourbon has been rising in popularity in bar programs around the country as many bartenders have been putting an imaginative spin on the classic American spirit. This post from Restaurant Hospitality highlights some of the most interesting bourbon-based cocktails, and how you can use them as your own inspiration to celebrate National Bourbon Heritage Month.

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Having a well-rounded beverage program is a great way to boost sales at your restaurant, but there are certain sales and merchandising techniques you should be following to make sure you’re getting the most out of it. This post from Nation’s Restaurant News provides some help beverage tips, like how to master the technique of upselling.

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Gone are the college student days of dreaming about having pizza in the dining hall all day, only to discover that it’s actually “Mystery Meat” night. Thanks to a new app developed by Boston University students, highlighted in this post from Food Service Director, students can check and see what’s on the menu each day at all the dining halls around them.

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