Brexit workforce shortage threatens homegrown produce

Brexit could leave the UK food industry with a labor shortage as it’s workforce, made up significantly of EU nationals, leaves Britain. Without access to EU workers over a third of companies in the UK grown food industry say their businesses will become unviable. Some have indicated it will force them to relocate overseas.

With the price of imported food rising post Brexit, UK grown food becomes even more important. Instability in food prices will feed into other industries, also, most notably hospitality which will also face workforce shortages after Brexit.

Key Takeaways:

  • EU workers are leaving the United Kingdom at an alarming rate.
  • If their rights aren’t guaranteed, they may never come back.
  • Continuing to lose workers and prices on produce will grow.

“The Federation – which represents more than 6,000 processors and manufacturers – called on the Government to guarantee the rights of nationals from across the European Economic Area.”

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