Can Fresh Be Financially Feasible for Restaurants?

When restaurants decide whether to produce fresh food for their customers, they have to consider the costs and the associated revenue that is expected to come with it and then make a decision. Some restaurants such as Sajj Mediterranean concentrate on their supply chain, choosing local farmers and a central location for preparing foods. Some would prefer pre-cut, pre-prepped produce to save on labor costs while considering the safety challenges that come with it. Whatever the choice, according to Chris Boyles of Steritech institute, the operation of every restaurant differs and the safety of the food to avoid the stigma of a food borne disease is a high consideration in every restaurant’s choice.

Key Takeaways:

  • Monthly audits of all 6 Sajj Mediterranean restaurants, includes checking temperatures and cleanliness levels.
  • A centralized commissary is utilized to make sure that handling is kept to a minimum and to be certain that employees need not handle raw meat.
  • Food is bought from small, local purveyors, which can be visited and inspected to view up close how items are grown and delivered.

“With a menu built around fresh ingredients, Alhindi knows he must handle the company’s fresh meats and produce with care.”

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