Can you imagine serving this group of people?

When working in the service industry, you’re bound to encounter some interesting characters on the job. Every once in a while a party comes along that you won’t soon forget, and that’s what happened to this server over at Dinners From Hell. I hope you never have to deal with something like this at your restaurant!

A group of people dressed in shabby clothes for a supposed birthday party made the server’s night one to remember. It’s obvious they had a plan to get a free meal as they loudly proclaimed all the food was bad and made exaggerated motions that made the staff uncomfortable. They even went so far as to insult the restaurant and staff, and caused a scene with the manager before leaving with a comped meal.

It seems this group was probably homeless and on drugs. If you work in the DTLA area be aware that these people are out there!

For the entire entertaining story, read the full article here: Dysfunctional Diners at DTLA Restaurant

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