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The author, Blaze Pizza CEO Jim Mizes, details his history of beginning work at age eight and continuing through positions with Taco Bell and Jamba Juice and other major companies. He describes working in fast food requiring a coach mentality, as well as a love of working as a team, serving customers well, and emphasizing hard-earned results. Mizes believes pizza is a booming food industry and looks forward to exponential growth for his business in the next five years.

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Two independent and different companies have combined efforts into making integrated customer engagement and online per-ordering solutions to their clients. The partnership provides clients with a platform for online and mobile ordering facilities to help companies and restaurants to avoid lengthy queues. Businesses that want to compete in the always-changing industry, it is essential to have customer engagement in order to grow businesses. The two most important factors in helping businesses grow their revenue is customer loyalty and engagement.

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Although the general feeling of economic security has declined in the United Kingdom people there are continuing to spend their money. People have noted that they have taken a hit to their pocketbooks due to things like the rising cost if food and inflation.Although the price of fuel is lower people people are still having to tighten the purse strings and pay close attention to where they spend their money. Despite this, people are continuing to spend money at bars and restaurants.

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Shake Shack is a fast casual restaurant chain specializing in hamburgers, chicken and, of course, shakes. One of the cornerstones of Shake Shack’s culture is it’s customer friendliness and its commitment to providing a fun dining experience.

In that vain, Shake Shack recently announced that they had released the Shackbot on the unsuspecting public. The Shackbot is an intelligent chat application that will interact online with current and potential customers. Shackbot is smart enough to answer over 300 of the most commonly posed questions, and will happily provide information on the menu, it’s nutritional data, and any current specials. Shackbot will also be kind enough to direct you to your nearest Shake Shack and inform you of its hours of operation.

Shake Shack has pledged that as Shackbot continues to mature his capabilities will be expanded. To visit Shackbot head over to Facebook Messenger or Twitter Direct Message to initiate a delicious conversation.

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McDonald’s is expanding its McDelivery service globally with the help of the UberEATS platform. Nearly 8,000 McDonald’s restaurants in 47 countries on 6 continents are now offering delivery service and this is helping to position McDonald’s to take advantage of this largely untapped demand. They now have nearly $1 billion in annual delivery sales which helped lift their stock price to all-time highs after reporting first quarter earnings with an 8 percent revenue increase. They expect this trend toward more delivery sales to continue to buoy their revenue growth as 75% of the population in their top markets lives within 3 miles of a McDonald’s restaurant.

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Who doesn’t want to be their own boss? David Query has faced his fears of risk to open his own restaurant! The three biggest risks are the financial risk, growth risk and identity risk. All three of these are important for the future of the company. It’s great to start out small and build up, it is also important to have a bail out plan if the company doesn’t make enough money to stay afloat.

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A survey of nearly 300 diners shows that most diners make their decision on what they would like to eat within three minutes of looking at the menu. Over 60% of responders say that they look at a menu before ever even arriving at the restaurant to start their decision making process. Almost as many go for a meny item that they have already had. About 2/3s of the respondents only read full meal discriptions for up to five items and the same number of respondents want short, easy descriptions of the potential meals.

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In the latest annual study of menu price inflation, MCA, found menu prices ran at 3% price inflation. Across 111 operators subject to the study, 49% of menu items increased in price with only 3% falling in price.

At the same time the study highlighted that entry prices for restaurants had increased between 4 and 5.5 percent depending on the dish.

With an average 3% exit price of dishes we can imply that operators, subject to cost pressure, are choosing to absorb some of the price rises.

It is anticipated that prices will rise between 2-3% again over the coming year, though the final figure will depend on the state of the consumer economy.

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There are no better appetizers than a healthy cut of aged ham that might cost you more than it takes to fill your gas tank. Perhaps one may even consider to replace their dinner meal with a platter of fine cheeses. Stepping outside your usual comforts and trying flavors that introduce new tastes.
The cost of some appetizers may be met with challenges in the acquisition of them. Foods that are damaged easily or in deficit can drive their prices. Overall appetizers allow chefs and consumers to explore with curiosity.

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Being a server is one of the most enduring and arduous jobs, especially if the leadership and management in place is subpar. Many servers have become outspoken regarding the responsibilities and tasks that they are given, claiming that some of the things they are designated are not a part of their job description. Keeping an eye on the laws and guidelines in your state can ensure that an employer is unable to take advantage of you at the workplace.

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