Chef develops way to make cannabis edibles more edible

In states where it is recreationally legal, restaurants and chefs are cashing in on the other green trend with weed-infused marijuana meals. The only problem is the taste, which can be difficult to cover even with spices and strong flavors. All that is changing with one chef’s innovative development of scentless (and tasteless) cannabutter.

He calls himself Jeff the 420 Chef, and he’s paving the way for a new surge in culinary creativity. The butter can be used in any recipe that calls for regular butter, from sweet cookies and iconic brownies to savory dishes like chicken and potatoes. He offers classes on how to cook with cannabutter in legal states.

The market is in its infancy, but with more states looking to legalize in the coming years it’s got a bright future. This green herbal trend could put more green in your pocket!

Read the full article here: Innovative Chef Takes the Art of Edibles to Delicious New Heights

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