Gipsee’s Allergen & Nutrition Calculator – a Feature Rich and Powerful Offering for Restaurant Chains

The Gipsee company has now released a nutrition and allergen calculator for qualifying restaurant chains so that consumers can become more aware of what they are eating and drinking. For each recipe that the restaurant needs evaluated, there is a $129 fee. This may seem costly, but when it comes to the costs saved in potential allergy lawsuits, it is a very cost-effective investment for any facility operating in the food industry. Gipsee has been recognized in the hospitality industry for years, so their reputability is exceptional.

Key Takeaways:

  • For each recipe that is evaluated by Gipsee, a $129 fee will ensue due to the analytic costs.
  • Gipsee has been operating in the hospitality industry for years, making it one of the most reputable food allergen companies.
  • The software will provide restaurant owners with a distinct list of any potential ingredients and allergens that are present within the recipe at hand.

“Gipsee, Inc. the leading maker of food allergy and nutrition software for restaurants offers a smorgasbord of features in its latest version of consumer-facing software geared towards enhancing the customer experience.”

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