How to Leverage Fruit on Your Menu

The growing and trendy juice-smoothie-bowl category encompasses a variety of new ways to incorporate fresh fruit into your diet while on a busy schedule. Juice and smoothie bars were a $2 billion industry last year, and offer a growing variety of treats that mix sweet and tart flavors from a variety of common produce as well as more exotic offerings like cactus fruit and açaí. Another growing category is bowls, which feature a mix of common and rare fruits with elements such as coconut milk, almond butter, green tea, Maca root and granola to make a quick but healthy treat.

Key Takeaways:

  • The juice and smoothie bar industry alone was worth over $2 billion last year, and the wider juice-smoothie-bowl sector is expected to continue to grow.
  • Ingredients used in juices and smoothies include common produce like apples and bananas as well as rare ingredients like pitaya, Maca root and açaí.
  • Preservation of leftover ingredients in a safe way that preserves nutrition is one of the major challenges facing juice and smoothie bar owners.

“Juice brands started to spring up 20 years ago as the health craze took off and Americans sought more convenient ways to consume beneficial nutrients. The movement thrived on the cold-pressing technique to juicing, which eliminates the juice’s exposure to heat and air, allowing it to retain nutrients.”

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