How to tackle the productivity challenge

In today’s business world there are certain challenges that companies are facing that are different from challenges they faced in the past. Companies are trying to figure out ways to keep the cost of employee turnover and training of new employees down as these costs can be astronomical for companies. Working with larger companies that employee more in the same sector smaller businesses have found new ways to narrow in on what could cause the turnover rate to be higher. With these new studies smaller business are able to implement the ideas into their business model and be able to keep their cost down and keep talented employees working for them longer.

Key Takeaways:

  • Productivity challenges tend to emerge in any business that people follow. The restaurant business is no exception to that general rule as well.
  • Think about the younger workforce now entering in to the restaurant market. The productivity challenge could be influenced by their youth as well.
  • Try to make people central to the business model itself in a restaurant. That could make individuals more capable when it comes to leadership roles.

“The hospitality and tourism sector is facing a perfect storm of rising costs, increasing recruitment difficulties and changing employee attitudes. Average labour turnover is in the region of 75% (compared to the UK all-sector average of about 15%), and in some cases exceeds 100%.”

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