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When it comes to an overcrowded space like the foodservice industry, it can often seem nearly impossible to find loyal customers who will become regular diners. Today’s modern diners are more demanding than ever before and often care more about their overall dining experience than just the food they’re eating when they sit down at a restaurant. Restaurants that can provide a fast, unique and seamless dining experience for their customers will ultimately win the loyalty game, and the newest way to do that is by tying digital loyalty programs into the POS and mobile payment apps, as this post from Fast Casual highlights.

Restaurant loyalty programs have been around for ages, but by tying them in to mobile payment apps and restaurant POS systems, customers can get real-time updates on their status or when they’re eligible for certain rewards, providing a unique incentive for them to make repeat visits to your establishment. Furthermore, using mobile payment systems in conjunction with loyalty programs is beneficial for customers and restaurant owners, as each party is able to complete their transaction faster. For more on how mobile payment offerings will affect customer loyalty, continue reading.

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Football season is so much more than just a way to kill time on the weekends, it can also majorly boost a bar’s bottom line if marketed correctly. This post from Buzztime explains just how beneficial football season can be for bars, and how to capitalize on your diners’ obsession with the NFL.

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If you think the Mexican food we have at our fingertips here in America is actually representative of our neighbor to the south’s true flavors, think again. As this post from points out, the restaurant industry in Mexico is about much more than just tacos and burritos, and many restaurants there are experimenting with more diverse flavors and cultural cuisines, including their own takes on pizzerias and seafood restaurants.

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Foodservice professionals looking for a naturally sweet alternative to sugar, look no further than honey. Sourcing local honeys for both sweet and savory dishes has been rising in popularity with both fine-dining restaurants and quick service establishments. This post from QSR Magazine highlights some of the ways restaurants are using the sticky sweetener, from sweetened pizza crusts to honey smoked hams.

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Food trends come and go quickly among popular restaurants, and capitalizing on those crazes can be important even for noncommercial foodservice institutions. No matter where they’re being served, people want to have the ability to order the next hot new menu item. So, what’s big in the restaurant scene now? According to this post, Cuban cuisine is seeing a comeback, non-alcoholic beverages are paving their own path with tap systems, and traditional Hawaiian poke is making its way onto mainland menus.

The rising popularity of Cuban cuisine can be owed in large part to the recent softening of diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba. With the border reopening, there has been a significant interest in travel to Cuba, and with that, intrigue among Cuban cuisine. Restaurants adopting this cultural cuisine as a trendy new component of their menus are looking beyond the basics of Cubano sandwiches and rice and beans, and experimenting with some more traditional Cuban dishes like Cuban burgers topped with shoestring fries, tamale casseroles, and skirt steak with roasted peppers, onions and garlic. For more information on other current food trends, continue reading.

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Egg-white only omelettes have become increasingly popular in recent years, but with rising egg prices it looks as if their place on brunch menus may be threatened. Luckily for all the health food fanatics out there, there is a new egg-white replacer on the market that will help keep costs at a minimum without sacrificing the taste of real egg whites in sweets and other baked goods on menus.

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Opening a restaurant is a dream for many people, but most don’t realize the amount of work that really goes into opening your own place. Besides just deciding on the overall concept, decor and menu, there is a high amount of planning that must go into every new restaurant opening. Luckily, this post from The Back Burner blog from eTundra has some advice for first-time restaurant owners on some of the legwork that should be done before opening.

For starters, you’ll have to decide whether you’re better suited for a breakfast or coffee joint, or a late-night spot that’s regularly packed until closing. You’ll have to determine what kind of restaurant concept fits in with your lifestyle and your home life. Once you’ve decided on your overall strategy, you’ll need to take care of a few other orders of business, like signing a partnership agreement with any partners or investors that you’ll be working with to avoid conflicts later on, and do some research on the history of your proposed location. Being prepared with this signed agreement and knowledge of your space can help to avoid major issues later on. For even more tips on opening a restaurant, like coming up with a solid marketing strategy, continue reading.

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You know what they say: don’t fix what isn’t broken. But even though hamburgers are pretty perfect even in their simplest, purest state, everyone is constantly trying to recreate the burger. This post from shares some of the biggest burger trends of the year, including premium ingredients like Kobe beef and “secret” menus at chain establishments.

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In the foodservice industry, every restaurant needs a dedicated and hardworking team behind it in order to be successful. The FOH and BOH teams have to be able to work well together in order to maintain sanity and customer satisfaction as the dinner rush hits, and the management team needs to be able to trust their employees while also leading them to success. So, what does it take to actually be part of a successful restaurant team? A lot more than just hard work. This post from Shiftgig covers ten of the best ways for anyone in the foodservice industry to become a better part of their team.

One of the best ways to make yourself an invaluable team member? By being dependable with your schedule and showing up on time to each shift. Sure, everyone needs a personal day from time to time, but if you’re calling in “sick” more often than not, you probably need to reevaluate. By being on time regularly, your team will come to see you as a reliable member. Additionally, if other members of the team regularly call in sick or show up late, offer to pitch in and cover for them to pick up some slack. Being willing to help the team under any circumstance, even if it’s not your direct responsibility, will go a long way.

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While diners are eating out more than ever before, they’re also constantly on the go, running from meetings and appointments to kids’ extracurricular activities, with not much time to stop somewhere for a sit-down lunch in between. Enter, the new and improved takeout window. This post from Restaurant Hospitality explains the new update on an old concept, and how it’s keep diners engaged (and fed!).

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