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I’m a meat eater. I’m also a fan of the environment, and I understand that the current methods for meat production are not sustainable (support small local farms!). This video fascinated me. A meat substitute that actually resembles meat? This is big news.

The company is called Beyond Meat. Apparently this substitute not only looks like meat, it feels like it, reporting that texture is more important than flavor. I’m not so sure about that, but I’d like to try it and see for myself.

Science says human health is often directly tied with what we put into our bodies. This formula might be a key to fighting a variety of health issues plaguing us today.

The fake meat is constructed from the molecular level, and as such can be manipulated to add more nutrients than natural meat contains. This “super meat” is the stuff of science fiction, but it may soon be a common feature in restaurants and grocery stores everywhere.

With this product taking to market, maybe we can finally all agree tofu was a terrible idea.

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This holiday season it’s estimated that one third of consumers are likely to use mobile payment (such as Google Wallet or Apple Pay) for most of their needs, according to a survey by Stratos Inc. Another third don’t find mobile payment appealing at all.

The survey found consumers weren’t sure which stores accepted the payment option. Less than 5 percent were more comfortable with paying with their devices over credit/debit cards, though many found the option appealing in hopes of thwarting theft and for the ability to easily track spending.

With new technologies on the rise, it’s likely more changes are to come.

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As a food service employee, you may think you’ve seen it all. But chances are you’ve never seen anything like this. What’s a dad to do when his kid really needs to go to the bathroom but he’s just to lazy to take the kid? Well…

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There’s a lot to celebrate in the upcoming holidays, and your restaurant can take advantage of all of it. From Thanksgiving to Black Friday to Christmas Eve to New Year’s, there are seemingly endless opportunities for promotion. But you can stand out even more by checking the special days December provides.

For example, food days that you can market include National Pie Day, National Cookie Day, and even National Gazpacho Day. For the beverage side of things, there’s National Lager Day, National Cocoa Day, and of course National Champagne Day on New Year’s Eve. You’re sure to be busier than ever during the holidays no matter what, so be sure to make catering and carryout options a priority. As people look to minimize stress during the holidays, they’ll turn to you to provide their menu for parties or even just a quiet night in. Lastly, don’t forget to offer promotions for some of the non-food themed days in December, like Santa’s List Day, Miners Day, and everybody’s favorite, Cat Herders Day!

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Social media networks are full of servers for big chain restaurants voicing their displeasure with their jobs. It’s time for these servers to take matters into their own hands, and Steve Gazzo, six-year Olive Garden veteran, is doing just that. See how Gazzo is trying to get a seat at the bargaining table with Olive Garden’s parent company, and what it might mean for servers everywhere!

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We all need a little pick-me-up now and then. If you’re getting off a rough shift, take a gander at this story. If you think you had it bad, check out this waitress’s patience with a regular customer who can’t quite figure out how tea bags work!

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Andrew Freeman of Andrew Freeman & Co. has his prediction for 2015’s biggest menu trends, and it all boils down to one thing: “I want what I want, when I want it.” His theme in his annual trend prediction report is, “The Pleasure Principle,” saying that guests want instant gratification as well as education and participation in their restaurant experiences.

Top food trends include versatile choices like tacos and scrambled eggs. These dishes leave a lot of room for creativity and flexibility. Bobby Flay’s Gato in New York, for instance, has a scrambled egg dish with almond romesco, boucheron cheese, and tomato confit toast. Expect to see menues all over turning up the heat when it comes to spice, too. With Sriracha so popular among millenials, you can bet that chefs will be turning it up a notch. And while Thai food and Japanese ramen aren’t going anywhere in the popularity contest quite yet, they’ll have to make room for tapas and other Spanish cuisine, which is quickly gaining popularity among American chefs. Any way you slice it, 2015 is sure to be an exciting year in the restaurant business!

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Prices on cocoa, coffee beans, milk, and oranges have been throwing restauranteurs for a loop this year. Drought is wreaking havoc on crops worldwide, and it can be difficult for beverage programs to remain profitable. But restaurants are finding ways to pull it off, from premiering high-qualilty items to just buckling in and hoping for the best.

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Serving is a lifestyle, and most servers have had similar thoughts about the customers, about the managers, or about the food at one point or another. Thoughts like how much damage can be done with a butter knife or how long it’s possible to get away with hiding in the walk-in freezer. Take a moment to laugh with all your fellow servers!

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All over America people are voicing their concerns about where their food comes from, and chefs and restauranteurs are hearing them. Menus are getting more and more transparent about where food is from, and many establishments are using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.

This trend has a number of benefits. First, consumers perceive local ingredients to be more fresh, more wholesome, and more authentic. They are coming to expect that ingredients will be local, especially in high-end restaurants. It’s also better for the environment and helps the local economy more than shipping ingredients in from all over the world. However, this trend still has a long ways to go before it starts seriously changing consumer behavior. Right now, it’s more of a bonus to potential customers, but in three to five years it will become a must for restaurants that want to compete. Many chefs are building relationships with local suppliers as we speak, so if you want to get ahead of the game, get out there and start networking!

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