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Seafood and fish are making waves this week on several fast food menus including Del Taco, Burger King, Wendy’s, and Quiznos.

Offerings like Burger King’s Spicy Big Fish Sandwich offer a new twist on old favorites, while Quiznos is introducing lobster for a limited time with a Lobster & Seafood Salad and Sub as well as Lobster Mac & Cheese.

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Facebook has changed some of its policies, and that has some small businesses annoyed. You used to be able to promote your business by engaging with customers and encouraging them to like and follow your page, but now Facebook filters promotional posts and requires you to pay for ads, just like in paper media.

Marketing strategy has to change in order to effectively reach customers online. Having a good website is probably the most important marketing tool.

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Attracting investors requires hard work and dedication, though it’s a good time to try. Some private equity firms are interested in investing in restaurants, and companies like DineEquity could be on the hunt for acquisition candidates. This article from has some great tips on attracting investors to your brand.

First impressions are very important. Having a clear statement that’s both simple and memorable will get investors interested and wanting to learn more. Your tagline may be effective, but this statement should accurately describe your concept.

You should also have a working knowledge of your competition and your economic moat – your company’s competitive advantages and your ability to maintain them. An investor wants to know what you have that other similar businesses don’t. Play to your strengths, but also don’t be afraid to acknowledge competitor advantages too. Know what your place is in the competitive landscape, and play up your positive public perspective.

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A panini grill could be one of the most versatile pieces of food equipment you have in your kitchen. Sandwich presses are great for making grilled sandwiches, but they can be used to cook a large number of dishes including omelets, hashbrowns, vegetables, meats, and even pizzas and kebabs!

Check out this article at the Back Burner for more ideas!

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Sandwich and Sub Store Franchises, a market report recently released by IBISWorld shows sandwich stores have seen an increase in growth that has been attributed to economic recovery and millennials’ interest in fast casual restaurants. The industry is expected to continue to thrive and expand their menus to include more healthy food options.

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With 80 million consumers in the millennial market, businesses are in constant competition for millennials’ money. Knowing how to attract members of this market will be beneficial to your bottom line. This article at Fast Casual describes six strategies to lure millennials to your brand so your business can benefit from the predicted three percent growth next year.

When it comes to food, millennials are all about unique flavors and different takes on old stand-bys. Asian flavors are in demand as well. Food that is locally sourced and sustainable is a huge trend, spurred on by a passion for environmentally sound practices and an interest in healthier lifestyles.

The fast casual industry has seen an increase in sales, and that has other restaurants rebranding to compete. The ability for consumers to customize their menu and dining experience with the use of technology like online ordering and mobile apps is alluring to savvy millennials, as well as build-your-own food options.

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You’re working your way up the food service ladder and understand that people are an important factor in a hospitality business, but could your friends be holding you back from achieving your potential?

This article by Robert Krzak at explores this idea. Your friends could be offering you bad advice, modifying your behavior, and affecting your reputation. Listen most to friends who are where you want to be.

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There’s a new player in town when it comes to mobile POS systems. Kounta is an Australian point of sale platform that has recently been launched in the U.S. Their system integrates well with other applications and software, and it runs on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

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Bartending is a unique job that requires skills and flexibility, and many consider it an art just like cooking. There are basically two ways to make a drink: free poured, or measured. This article at Shiftgig asks the question, “Which is better?”

Measured pouring requires each ingredient to be measured exactly so each drink turns out the same, lending a feeling of predictability to a bar. Repeat customers will know their favorite drinks will always taste the same, and it could save the establishment money if hand pouring increases the alcohol used.

While not exact, free pouring adds more entertainment value to the bar and patrons enjoy watching a bartender mix up their drinks with a little extra flair. This is conducive to a relaxed and fun atmosphere, which could mean an increase in customer satisfaction (especially if they believe more alcohol is added to their drinks), and that’s great for business.

Ultimately it comes down to personal preference. If management prefers drinks to be measured, try to add a little extra flair and fun when serving the drink to make up for it.

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Families with children are looking for kid-friendly restaurants, and if you want to attract millennials to your business, think about what their kids want. Studies show that many families let their kids help decide where to go for a meal.

Having well thought out children’s menus is one way to make your brand more appealing, and having healthy options is a must.

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