Placed Reveals How TV Can Affect In-Store Visits

A new collaboration between Placed, Kantar and Inscape is using data collected from 8 million Visio internet-connected TVs and over 350 million location enabled mobile devices to analyze the relationships between TV ads for over 100 brands on over 100 channels and real-life store visits. Simply put, the goal is to determine what types of TV ads are most likely to result in someone actually going into a store. Different products and services can track how the utility of their ads changes on different days of the week, different time slots and different networks.

Key Takeaways:

  • Placed, Inscape and Kantsr are collaborating on a project to analyze data in order to learn what kinds of ads are most likely to result in a real world store visit.
  • The project involves using Vizio internet-enabled TVs and over 350 million location-enabled devices to associate ads with people actually going into stores.
  • Some channels, like Food Network and Golf Channel, are better at turning ads into visitors, while factors like time and day of the week are also important.

“Placed Attribution for TV will launch with a free preview period from June 13 to June 29. This preview period, will give the public direct access to reports on ad impressions and store visits across 100 brands, 340-plus TV campaigns, on 100-plus networks.”

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