Salsarita’s Sees Sale Lift Thanks to Drive Thrus

Salsarita’s is a native North Carolina Mexican grill that has made its way to Louisville, Kentucky, greatly expanding its profit margins. The Louisville location has now added a drive thru service to their facility, which has been shown to bring in a significant amount of new customers. In fact, over 22% of sales that are made through this location are now directly a result of their drive thru service. It shows just how profitable adding a drive thru window truly can be.

Key Takeaways:

  • Charlotte, North Carolina-based Salsarita’s Mexian Grill recently added drive-thrus to many of their locations.
  • Salsarita’s drive-thrus account for over 22 percent of the restaurant chain’s overall sales.
  • According to CEO Phil Friedman, Louisville-based franchisees Steve and Pam Stallings own the highest grossing Salsarita location in the system.

“Recently Louisville, Kentucky franchisee, Steve and Pam Stallings added a drive-thru window to their existing location at 12915 Shelbyville Road in Louisville’s Middletown neighborhood.”

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