Serving Lies


Working as a server is difficult and stressful, and when you depend on tips as a large portion of your salary it can be tempting to employ dishonest tactics to net you as much financial gain as possible. However, that dishonesty will only lead you so far. To avoid trouble (and be a better person), honesty really is the best policy.

One image going around the web shows a screen grab of a server’s attempt to appeal to her customer’s pity by including a picture of her niece with the check in hopes they’ll think she’s a single mom. This isn’t just an insult to her customers, it’s an insult to every real single mom out there who would never dream of doing something like that. Also if you were ever caught in your lie you could lose your job and your dignity.

While tipping servers may someday become a thing of the past (more restaurants are starting to pay their employees a living wage), in the mean time it’s best to be honest and do your job as well as you can. Customers are more likely to tip servers who are friendly, polite and own up to their mistakes. Earn those tips on genuine merit, not lies and pity.

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