The Founder of Umami Burger is Starting a Coffee Revolution

Ugami Burger founder, Adam Fleishman, is starting a new venture. And its all about coffee. With consumers concerned with the source of their coffee and production methods, Fleishman is proposing to turn the traditional coffee-bar experience into a chef driven place with Cold Cocked Coffee. With the increasing popularity of cold coffee drinks, the base to Cold Cocked’s beverages is coffee infused for three days before combined with other ingredients and shaken like a cocktail. And like a cocktail, the flavors won’t all be super sweet like in current espresso bars. The experience will be far more cocktail bar than fast food coffee bar.

Key Takeaways:

  • Adam Fleischman, who’s made a mission of lifting up mainstream food items, like P&J sandwiches and pizza, into new realms, is now taking on java.
  • His new venture will open in a food hall in Los Angeles’ Koreatown neighborhood, on November, 1st.
  • Fleishman’s model treats America’s favorite morning beverage like a cold cocktail, infusing it with flavors like, Mexican mole, cardamom, and Danish licorice.

“Building off coffee’s third wave—in which brands and consumers placed priority on coffee origin and production method—Cold Cocked will expand to new flavor profiles and serving methods.”

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