The Limitless Possibilities of Fried Chicken

Between 1980 and today, Americans consumption of chicken has doubled, while the consumption of beef has dropped by roughly a third during the same time period. Fried chicken has become a favorite preparation.
Though traditionally a comfort food, deep fried chicken in recent years has also received the artisan touch via its coating, a marinade, and how it is fried. Whether its an Asian inspired treatment or something more reminiscent of its Southern roots, the possibilities for fried chicken are endless.

Key Takeaways:

  • While in 1980 Americans consumed 48 pounds of chicken per person, The National Chicken Council believes the figure will almost double to 92 pounds this year.
  • Beef consumption dropped from 77 to 56 pounds within the same period, making chicken the number one protein consumed in the U.S.
  • America’s favorite edible bird is adaptable to culinary trends, including a Korean technique of frying then dipping the bird in a batter to create a cracker-thin crust.

“Whether grilled and diced on salads or in stirfries, baked and served with mashed potatoes, rotisserie-spun and accompanied by green or root vegetables, boiled in soups, or broiled in the oven, chicken is a highly versatile protein.”

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