The Lowdown: Students in restaurants

Previously known as Meet ‘n’ Eat, the new phone app Tabled strives to help international students discover the London food scene. With a plan to battle student loneliest, the app will allow users to create tables and join existing tables at a variety of restaurants. Free to use for students, Tabled follows the lead of most other booking services by taking a cut of the bill. While the announcement of Brexit has effected the number of international students coming to the UK, Tabled founder Oliver Phillips is moving forward towards the official launch.

Key Takeaways:

  • Banking on mealtimes being the loneliest times for transplanted students, Oliver Phillips has developed a helpful app.
  • The new app is aimed at International students, new to London, and unfamiliar with its restaurant venues.
  • The app is free for students, as the service, which books tables, gets a cut from the restaurant bill.

“Tabled helps them to find places to eat, as well as find friends in a new city. Think of this location-based app – previously known as Meet ‘n’ Eat – as restaurant Tinder without the promiscuity.”

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