What to watch for if you want to work in a family owned restaurant

Working as a manager in a family owned establishment is different from working in a chain or quick service restaurant in many ways, and it comes with its own unique set of challenges and benefits.

When applying for a position at a family owned business, make sure you receive a detailed written job description. Restaurant managers tend to do a little bit of everything in a family establishment, but you want a solid contract in case they start asking far too much of you.

Some family restaurants offer valuable growth opportunities, but most won’t offer you much in the way of advancement or preparation if you want to move on to a larger restaurant. Many have their own ideas of how things need to be run and are not looking for feedback. This can create problems if you identify ways to make things run more smoothly, but they won’t hear it. Also, families fight, and you can be sure some of that drama will make its way into the restaurant.

Make sure you ask the right questions during the hiring process and get a feel for what the owners (and the rest of the staff, if possible) are like.

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