Wendy’s Roasts its Way to Social Media Stardom

Wendy’s has continued its long tradition of poking fun of competitors on Twitter, with a social media presence that is much snarkier and more pointed than the bland pronouncements of many rewstaurant twitter feeds. Wendy’s Twitter team of Wendy’s PR employees and ad agency staffers especially enjoy mocking competitors’ use of frozen beef with the shamelessly silly use of ice puns. The company has managed its Twitter feed with a unique voice that many corporations only hope to mimic, although it is more “traditional” on other platforms.

Key Takeaways:

  • Wendy’s has become well known for the snarky, irreverent tone of its Twitter account, which is very different from the somewhat staid accounts of its competitors.
  • The Wendy’s account often posts tweets poking fun of its competitors, often with ice-related quips to mock their use of frozen beef.
  • Wendy’s Twitter account is run by a mix of ad agency and Wendy’s employees, and its tone is distinct from the company’s other social media.

“At the heart of the burger chain’s branding strategy is one central tenet: the people at Wendy’s are serious about the food, but not themselves. Loredo says the roots of that approach are traced back to the portrayal of Wendy herself, a lighthearted, pigtailed kid.”

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