What Are Hood Filters and Why Do You Need Them?

When it comes to designing and decorating a new home, homeowners often try to think of every little detail that could exist in creating their dream home. One of the most overlooked factors, and perhaps among the most important, is the implementation of hood filters as a means of keeping the air quality in the home more healthy, as well as removing any smoke or grease that may be lingering in the air from your meal.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hood filters prevent kitchen fires by removing smoke, grease and debris from the air
  • When choosing a hood filter, consider both the material it is made of and the construction
  • Hand wash hood filters regularly to keep them in working order and keep your kitchen safe

“before you purchase any hood filter for your kitchen be sure you size it appropriately.”

Read more: http://blog.etundra.com/tech-talk/hood-filters/

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