When Customers Raise Their Voices, Do You Walk Away?

Servers see people of all kinds, and while most tables you wait are full of polite people who understand you’re just doing your job, others have a sense of entitlement and have no problem yelling at you for your mistakes.

In this story from Dinners From Hell, a server misunderstood a coupon deal and denied a table’s request to use coupons on their meal, believing they weren’t allowed that night. The customers were not happy and yelled at the server. When the server politely stated they were going to get the manager and began walking away, they yelled wanting to know why (I guess they weren’t listening).

When the manager arrived at the table the customers continued to make a fuss until he gave them free meals, but not before telling them they were rude and that they were no longer welcome in the restaurant. Apparently this wasn’t their first offense.

Read the full article here: Waiter Walks Away

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