$1000 – A Most Generous Tip for a $29 Check

Kari Vanardoy, a waitress in Largo, Florida received the greatest surprise of her life – a $1000 tip on a $29 check. Kari had originally thought that the tip was for $10. “That would have been a nice tip on that tab,” the 22-year-old college student told the press. Thanks to a generous customer who told her that it was to help her 2 year old toddler son, she can now move out of her studio apartment and into a one-bedroom apartment with her boyfriend. In her five years of working at The Winghouse Restaurant, she had never served the generous tippers before. Furthermore, one of the customers even told Kari that she would always look out for her. “She actually told me she was my guardian angel if I ever need anything,” Vanardoy told the press. “I didn’t do anything for them ever, so it was just a sweet act.”

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