A nightclub is different from other restaurant venues in one major way – atmosphere. Customers come to a nightclub for the experience, so when hiring nightclub staff you have to be particular. This article from Shiftgig has some great tips on how to hire the right person for your nightclub.

If someone is applying to work at a nightclub it’s implied they’re a night person and enjoy being up late, but this is an important part of the job and should be emphasized. They should also understand that they will be working, not partying along with the guests. Nightclubs are full of energy, and your new hire should be as well.

You also want someone who can keep a cool head in a heated situation. Crazy things can happen at a nightclub and they should be prepared to handle anything that comes up.

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A San Francisco restaurant is implementing a new system that will eliminate the server position – drone delivery. Made by Infinium Robotics, the drones are filling a space left by a labor shortage in the industry.

The drones will be able to carry up to 4 pounds of food, and fly along a pathway of sensors controlled by a computer program. The drones will allow human workers to put more effort into food quality and presentation.

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