Rick Ross is well known in the rap world, but he’s becoming a big name in wings now, too. He first thought about opening a franchise back in 2007, and in 2011 he made his dream a reality with his first Wing Stop in Memphis, Tennessee. Five more followed soon after!

His franchises have been doing very well, with reports of a 50% sales increase in some locations. He’s planning on opening more in the future!

Read the full article here: Rick Ross and Wing Stop, a Love Story


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Mobile phones and other digital devices have become a staple in our lives, and many of us can’t imagine leaving home without one. Your customers feel the same, which is why adding charging stations to your bar or restaurant is an excellent idea.

This article from Restaurant News highlights a pub in New York that recently installed Counter-Jump USB charging stations to its bar. The charging stations allow patrons to renew the battery life of their phones, tablets or laptops while enjoying their brew of choice.

The bar has noticed customers are staying an average of 45 minutes longer and attributes a 15% revenue increase to the charging stations. Those are some big numbers! Think of what they could do for your business. This is definitely an idea to “jump” on!

Read the full article here: USB Charging System Draws Attention from Pub Patrons


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