There are a lot of pizza places in New York City – over 2,500 in fact. With all that pizza, competition is high and prices are low, with many restaurants offering a slice for only a dollar. A man named Francisco Balagtas is on a mission to determine which dollar pizza is the best in the city and posting his findings on Instagram.

Francisco intends to pursue this project for the next two years. He rates each slice on its cheese, sauce, and crust with a score of 1 to 5.

Imagine the positive publicity that could be directed at your restaurant if you were chosen the best!

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There’s no such thing as a free meal, even if you have a purse full of crickets. Recently a woman named Shatanya dined on wings, ribs, and caramel pretzel bites at Applebee’s and then strategically placed a dead cricket on her leftovers before demanding a free meal and leaving.

The manager noticed the bag of dead crickets in Shatanya’s purse, and made sure to note her license plate number before she drove off. She was arrested and forced to pay her tab (presumably not with crickets).

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