Food innovators and restaurants alike are interested in adding more Asian flavors to the mix. Whether or not your restaurant’s concept works with Asian cuisine is irrelevant since many Asian flavors are already part of our culture. Just look at Sriracha! This article from FSR Magazine describes how this trend is impacting the food service landscape.

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When you work at a restaurant you become part of a team, a family of sorts. You learn a lot from each other, too. Sometimes seasoned staff like to play a few initiation tricks on new hires, but it’s all in good fun. It’s how they say “welcome aboard!”

This article from Shiftgig has a number of real jokes and pranks played on new servers and other food service staff, and some of them are truly genius. Asking them to get a bucket of steam or borrow a left-handed spatula from the restaurant next door are great, but how about mopping the parking lot? Hilarious!

Of course you’re going to be nice and stop your new hires from doing anything dangerous or spending too much time on ridiculous made-up tasks, but they are certainly moments they’ll never forget!

Have you ever been on the giving or receiving end of an initiation prank like these?

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Food waste is a hot button issue, and restaurants are doing their part to combat it. Statistics from the Environmental Protection Agency show that 40% of food in America goes uneaten while one person goes hungry for every six. Some restaurants believe this needs to change and are donating excess food to charities.

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Water heating costs represent a big portion of restaurant operating costs. New technology has been implemented in EcoThermal Filters by Next Step Living that captures waste heat and uses it to preheat water, which could save you thousands of dollars each year as well as reduce your carbon footprint. You may also be eligible to receive a rebate from your utility company.

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One of the biggest trends in food right now is the Millennial movement toward healthier options. Many consumers are ditching sugary, carbonated beverages in favor of more healthful alternatives like tea, natural fruit-based drinks, and even flavored water.

This article from Nation’s Restaurant News describes the trend in detail. Studies show that more customers are seeking healthy drinks than ever before, with many believing restaurants should have healthy options.

The trend is likely part of the broader trend toward healthy, sustainable living and product transparency. Beverage options like fruit smoothies and fresh juices are also popular.

While healthy drinks are a focus, consumers aren’t ready to detach from soda completely. Choose your own beverage machines offer a convenient way for your customers to get exactly what they want.

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Millennials are having a huge influence in the world as we know it, and that includes food service both inside and out. When it comes to hiring tech savvy Millennials, restaurants have to be just as savvy. This article from FoodService Director offers some ideas and tactics for hiring staff from this diverse group.

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In order to get customers excited about your menu offerings, you need to get creative. Limited time offers (LTOs) can draw them through your doors when used strategically. This article from Nation’s Restaurant news offers a LTO ideas that are sure to grab some attention, such as seasonal promotions, special events, and partnerships.

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Restaurants are major energy hogs, more than many other types of commercial buildings. The cost of cooking, heating water, keeping food cold, and lighting adds up quickly. There are many benefits to pursuing energy efficiency in your restaurant, and many strategies you can try. Your staff can (and should) help!

This article from Fast Casual describes how your employees can make a big difference in your quest for achieving a more energy efficient business, but first you need to get them involved. You have to communicate with them the importance of energy efficiency and motivate them to care about your energy plan.

Listen to their feedback and ideas, and form a team with a plan. If you have a large group of employees, choose a leader to make sure everyone does their part. Ultimately energy efficiency benefits everyone!

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While Millennials are seeking healthy flavor adventures and baby boomers are enjoying a home-cooked style comeback, there are certain restaurant items that Americans simply can’t get enough of. This article at Shiftgig lists six menu staples that seem to be in demand no matter what, including pizza, burgers, sandwiches, chicken tenders, salads and soup, and sides!

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The online review website Yelp has changed the way restaurants manage employees, especially servers. While “mystery shoppers” are still used by larger restaurants and chains to assess staff, all customers are potential Yelp reviewers and small restaurants are more heavily affected by negative reviews.

In this article from Server Not Servant, Joshua Sperber discusses how Yelp is changing staff management in restaurants. He’s also looking for servers to weigh in on how Yelp has affected their workplace experience for his dissertation.

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