Technology is more important to restaurants now than ever before, but many are still slow to make full use of what’s being offered. This article from Fast Casual discusses studies that reveal consumer thoughts toward technology in restaurants.

Millennials are seeking tech savvy restaurants, and fast casual establishments are seeing the highest ratings when it comes to the use of technology.

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A good bartender has a certain set of skills that make them really interesting people. Not only can they mix a perfect cocktail, but they also tend to be entertainers, comedians, and psychologists on the side – or at least they play the role! This article from Shiftgig takes a look at what bartenders do and why they do it.

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Purchasing equipment for your restaurant comes with some important considerations. You have an operating budget that limits what you can get, and you need to make sure you have all your bases covered. Choosing a specialty restaurant equipment supplier will help you get what you need so you’re ready for opening day!

This article from has some good advice for finding a quality restaurant equipment supplier. First, consider hiring a restaurant consultant, especially if this is your first time running a restaurant. They can help you do everything right the first time.

Get a solid list of everything your kitchen needs, and seek a supplier that specializes in those items. Compare prices and value of different items at various suppliers. Also look into your potential supplier’s reputation.

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Your POS machine is an important piece of restaurant equipment, but in the wrong hands disaster can strike. Your customers want to know their information is safe with you, and you want to make sure your employees stay honest. Togo’s recently added fingerprint readers to their POS systems to combat fraud and theft. Could your establishment benefit from doing the same?

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Intellectual property might be something you’ve heard about in passing but never given much thought to, but the issues surrounding it absolutely apply to food service businesses. In his new book, Andrei Mincov offers practical, useful information on how to protect your restaurant’s intellectual property, including your website, marketing materials, recipes, and more!

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If you work in a family restaurant, quick service, or fast casual establishment, you probably serve customers. If you work in an upscale restaurant with tablecloths and a fine selection of wine, you likely serve guests. Why the distinction?

This article from Shiftgig explores this question. Technically, customer is the correct definition according to the dictionary. Customers buy goods and services, and since the restaurant isn’t giving away food for free, they’re serving customers.

Yet when you look up “guest,” one of the definitions given is “a customer at a restaurant.” It’s become commonplace to treat diners as guests, as if we’re allowing them into our home as honored and beloved friends, especially in high class establishments.

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If you make and serve baked goods in your eatery, you’re probably familiar with baking (pastry) brushes. They’re typically used to spread a butter glaze on bread dough to give it an attractive golden, crispy crust and maintain a soft interior. This article from the Back Burner at eTundra describes baking brush options and the pros and cons of each.

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Your food is incredible, your staff is friendly, and the service is speedy… but if your floors are filthy, the rest doesn’t matter. A recent Harris Poll showed that 75 percent of respondents would not go to a restaurant with negative reviews stating it was unclean. If you haven’t given your restaurant a thorough spring cleaning, now might be the time!

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If your restaurant doesn’t yet offer iced tea, now is a good time to start. Americans are moving away from fizzy, sugar-loaded sodas in favor of healthier options. Millennials especially are interested in tea, even more than coffee.

About 85 percent of all tea consumed in America is of the iced variety according to the Tea Association of the U.S.A Inc. Restaurants are beginning to offer more iced tea options to meet consumer demand, including black, green, and flavored varieties of each.

Iced tea is popular because it’s very low in calories and has many health benefits thanks to an abundance of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Offering premium iced teas can earn you loyal guests, as well as increased profits!

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When I first heard of 3D food printing, I immediately thought of the crazy food producing robot in the animated movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, but it’s not as farfetched as you might think. Natural Machines business owner Lynette Kucsma created the Foodini, a machine that can assemble food for you!

Could this take the place of the microwave as the kitchen appliance of the future?

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