Are you looking to reduce some of the stress involved in your cooking job? Examine your station prepping skills, because you could be making things harder for yourself. This article from Shiftgig lists three things you can do to prep your station well for a productive day, including prioritizing a prep list, working clean, and caring about doing a good job.

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Service and salesmanship go hand in hand. You can have the most attentive servers around, but if they lack selling skills you’re losing out on a money-making opportunity. Make sure to train servers in selling techniques. In this article from Restaurant Hospitality, the author shares a dining experience that was full of selling opportunities the server didn’t take.

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If you’re considering taking a serving job for the first time, you’re in for a ride. If you’ve been working in food industry for years, you’ve likely seen every twist, turn, and loop this ride has.

When you become a server, you have to accept certain lifestyle changes that may be difficult at first. For example, you have to really love the smell of food, because it’s likely your clothes and hair will always smell like it. You’ll also start paying for things in cash, unless you like making frequent trips to the bank. Forget scheduled meals, too – you’ll eat when it’s convenient.

Your friends will always rely on you to figure out the check when you go out to eat, and no matter where you go you’ll wonder what it would be like to work there. Also, it’s a good idea to invest in a good stain remover. You’ll need it!

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According to Twitter Director DSO David Pattillo, the word “lunch” appears in about a billion tweets per day, with over 100,000 talking about hamburgers. It’s obvious social media marketing is important, but there are a few myths associated with the use of this technology that are worth discussing. This article from Fast Casual shares some tips on how to get into the game.

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