While comping a food or beverage item, or even a customer’s entire bill, at a restaurant or bar can seem like money down the drain, it can actually lead to a solid investment in that customer’s return business, and future enjoyable experiences at your establishment. This post from Nation’s Restaurant News explores the business of comping and what it can mean for your bottom line.

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More and more millennials are choosing to eat out than make meals in their own kitchens, with restaurant visits steadily increasing for multiple years in a row. But why is it that casual dining establishments are not only not seeing that same increase, but are, in fact, seeing a 22 percent decrease in traffic? This post from FSR Magazine delves into some of the reasons that casual dining restaurants may be seeing this decline, and offers some smart ways to stop it in its tracks with brand turnarounds. Casual dining establishments really came to their full potential during the baby boomer generation, but because baby boomers and millennials have strikingly different values when it comes to casual dining and branding concepts as a whole, many casual dining establishments are not able to keep up with these changing times and values. In order to stop the decline in traffic, a number of changes will need to be made by the brands that are seeing the results of the decline most obviously. By focusing on service and hospitality, casual dining restaurants can appeal to the millennial desire for a full-on experience while eating out, and by offering some new technologies like online ordering, casual dining restaurants can appeal to the millennial need for quick service.

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