We are at an interesting cross roads as a nation. Now that we are in the middle of an election cycle, many people may become divided over politics, beliefs, and practices. Naturally any business or restaurant owner pays special attention to political shifts because that can have huge impacts on your business.

If Washington decides that it is important to raise middle wage, that can have an impact on how you pay your staff. If environmental issues become the forefront of the nation’s consciousness, then your restaurant will pivot to finding locally and organically sourced food with increased sustainability.

However, in a season of division and political separation, some members of both parties are working together to inspire healthier foods and eating options for patrons. Health care reforms inspire your menu and the types of food you offer to support healthy patrons.

If you are looking for a way to better understand how these laws and movements can impact your business, check out this article today!


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When you open up your first restaurant, you dream that you can spread your vision to the world. However, when you get some success and decide that you want to build more locations, your goals changes slightly.

Not only do you want to build a franchise, but you want it to be attached to a legacy. If you are looking for a great way to build lasting success, check out this article to learn how to build a franchise!


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We have come a long way from using paper and pencils to take orders, and some of us get nostalgic for the times where diners would have great lingo to place orders to the kitchen.

There are many ways the ordering service has upgraded with technology and the POS systems have gotten better recently. If you are looking for a great way to upgrade your ordering service, read this article today!


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There are many ways that the food industry gets to celebrate the year’s holidays and events that are unique. Which other business gets to recreate an entirely new menu in response to the season and holidays?

Thankfully these bursts of creativity can also lead to new business from customers that come in to try your seasonal options. Many restaurants may find, however, that other seasons have great opportunities to celebrate.

There are chocolates for Valentine’s Day in spring, pumpkins to celebrate the fall, and baked goods with peppermint in the winter. For the summer, however, you may feel like there aren’t many opportunities for creative dishes.

Thankfully, Fourth of July can have a great impact with patriotic-themed foods. Even if you don’t serve hotdogs, there are creative ways in which you can incorporate the colors of the flag or other patriotic themes in your food.

If you are looking for inspiration on how to celebrate Fourth of July and your food, check out this article today!


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Working as a waiter or waitress means that you have to compete with multiple interests. Your first loyalty is to your restaurant and managers to ensure that you are a great representation of the brand.

However, you still have to make sure you please the customers, which can be difficult if they are in a hurry. If you are looking to commiserate on how to deal with customers in a hurry, read this article today!


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Now that the heat is starting to finally settle in, we all know that there is a decline in interest for heartier foods this season. Your patrons want foods that are fresh, chilled, and healthy for bathing suit season.

However, if you are looking for an inventive salad recipe, you are not alone. Check out this article to learn about some inventive summer salads and see how you get inspired to upgrade your menu!


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There are many reasons why we seek cooler things this time of year. The obvious reason is that many of your customers will be running your way in an effort to beat the heat.

Air conditioned restaurants with chilled drinks always find a boost in business during this time of year, especially if they are in close proximity to a park or beach. The sun is booming, the humidity is rising, and many customers will be happily leaving their homes to enjoy the outdoors and time with friends.

Additionally, cold-brewed coffee is having a moment in the sun because of its temperature and properties. Cold-brewed coffee doesn’t skimp out on the caffeine and packs a punch for the dedicated coffee-lover.

Restaurants that have started serving cold-brew cups of joe have seen a major boost and the growth will only continue as the summer unfolds.

If you are looking for a great drink to invest your summer in, check out this article to learn more about why your restaurant needs to start serving cold brew coffee!


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There is no better brand association than Outback Steakhouse with their famous Bloomin’ Onion. Any family that eats there know that it is a must-order item and it is known for redefining our love for onion rings in a creative way.

But, just when we thought that we understood Outback Steakhouse, they decided to break down the barriers once again and are introducing a loaded version of the classic dish! If you are interested in learning how they are adding a facet to their popular brand, read this article today!


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When it comes to how we relate to food, many of us know that our patterns stem from an early age. For example, if you were a child that had a nauseated reaction to spinach every time you ate it, you will become an adult who is unable to process the delicious vegetable.

This is why it is important to introduce children to a diverse palette at an early age. If you are interested in how our schooling system is looking into doing this, read this article today!


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When it comes to this new season we are in, the rules change slightly when it comes to eating at restaurants. This applies to both restaurants and to patrons who support them. For the restaurants, it is important to make sure to offer lighter foods that will be fun to eat and easy to process in the heat.

Chilled melon soups, fresh salads with fruit and nuts, and sushi are great foods for the summer because they allow diners to feel light and cool after eating them. However, on the side of the patron, it is important to also balance your expectations when eating out in the summer.

While eating al fresco sounds amazing in the spring and fall, the summertime may not be the best time to sit under a pounding sun to enjoy your meal. Doing this may impair your enjoyment of the restaurant and food.

For restaurant owners, limiting your outdoor seating and investing in awnings and fans can make the difference for your customers. If you are looking for ways to better prepare for the summer heat, read this article today!


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