Crafting children’s beverages can be a very fun thing to do. You have to give kids better things than soft drinks and crayons today. At least, that is what restaurant operators think about their pint sized patrons. The popular kids drinks today look a lot like the adult ones, minus the alcohol content they have.

Crafting children’s beverages


National Waiters’ Day has come back to celebrate the front of the house staff. It is a day to recognize them and their contribution to the world and people. This year will mark the return of the Waiter’s race. The Waiter’s day was created way back in 2012. This year is a big milestone for the event.

National Waiters’ Day returns to celebrate front-of-house staff


There are some confessions of a health inspector. The question is about what the mystery meat is. There are common violations in the restaurant game, but there are also ways to prevent them. There is some good insight on how to prevent a bad health inspection. There are some real kitchen nightmares out there.

Key Takeaways:

  • The cold food on the restaurant’s buffet was well over the FDA Food Code’s recommended 41⁰F, and the hot food was well under the recommended 135⁰F.
  • Another time when inspecting a fine dining restaurant, I found numerous temperature violations
  • To be honest, I see cross-contamination issues, temperature abuse problems and insect infestations on a regular basis.

“Stay current and get your team formally trained in a certified food manager course.”


There are 100 hot spot restaurants in America. These awards apply to restaurants from 2017. More than 10 million restaurant reviews combined to shape this decision. The list has restaurants that have a lot of ambiance and have interactive dining experiences. There is also live entertainment and appealing playlists featured in them.

OpenTable Diner Reviews Reveal Top 100 Hot Spot Restaurants in America


There are 6 twists that you can put on spring salads. Each one has its own unique appeal that people can latch onto and create themselves. You need to load up on seasonal produce. A third of consumers are more likely to purchase and are also more willing to pay for more salad described as seasonal.

6 twists on spring salads


Mc Donalds Corp this week ventured out offering shoppers the capacity to request and pay by means of telephone. The application empowers clients to request, pay and after that pick where they get their sustenance through the drive-through, at the front counter or through the curbside pickup, another choice the chain is commencing at its 14,000 eateries this year. Clients pick their eatery through the application, which checks them in through geofencing innovation once they draw near to the eatery.

McDonald’s starts mobile order and pay


In the future, there could be lab grown meat. This would be a great thing because it would allow us to keep animals alive, yet still enjoy a good burger. People in the world of experimentation are working on creating meat based substitutes that do not require any animals. The technology to do this was borrowed from areas where they are helping burn victims get new skin.

Kruse/Thorn: Looking to the future with lab-grown meat