Macelliao has brought together beef and the Italian restaurant business to the forefront in an almost red carpet event from the Grammy’s. After bringing about spectacular beef dishes the staff stands high upon a runway similar to that of models in the clothing industry. They take a bow to a crowded restaurant which has been applauding loudly for several minutes now. The chef and cooks have done it again and brought elegance as well as exquisite taste to every table and patron.

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A massive shift is occurring within the restaurant industry that could have major benefits for stocks and shares. Recently, many conglomerates and large companies are buying up restaurants around the country as a way to expand their reach and financing. Restaurants have come to realize that opening new chains in new locations is no longer expanding their market or gaining new clients. Instead, these restaurants are buying out other chains as a way of expanding their assets. One major example of this occurred recently with a companies acquisition of Panera Bread Co. This shift in the market is breathing life into both the economy and stocks.

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People are trying to develop more healthy fast food restaurants. An example is Native Foods Cafe, which has been serving quick-service vegan food for over 20 years. This cafe avoids added chemicals with their vegan comfort foods. Smoked paprika is a popular ingredient to up the flavor. Protein is received mostly through grains and beans. This whole concept is part of a wave of people trying to eat healthier and live better lives. As larger companies move towards healthier alternatives, it will raise demand and help smaller companies too.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fast food establishments that are also vegan are not a new concept, but they are slowly becoming more mainstream.
  • Carolyn Corcoran, chef for “Native Foods Café,” suggests upping spice use in vegan settings, especially as vegan dishes can’t lean on milk, butter, or animal byproducts, for flavor.
  • Corcoran surmises that as people are willing to spend more time examining labels and cooking the shift towards clean eating will happen naturally.

“A lot of people are looking to eat healthier, especially with all of the big farms and people finding out the hormones going into mass-producing things like chicken, beef, and pork.”

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