3 Sides that are Way More Interesting than Fries

We all love a French fry. But, sometimes the tried and true can bore a palate. Qsrmagazine.com has found three dishes that build on comfort food basics and ethnic good staples in order to create some really different and delectable sides.

The Chickory’s Street Corn takes iconic American and Mexican street grub and fuses the two together, with ingredients like, chipotle peppers, Adobe seasoning, corn on the cob, jalepenis, lime juice and parmesan cheese. A healthy couscous salad, created by the Hummus & Pita Co., uses carrots corn, feta cheese, Kalamata olives and couscous. Lastly, but no less deliciously, The Daug Haus has chosen to elevate the lowly but yummy tater tot of our collective childhoods with a rainbow of fun and adult toppings, such as chipotle, aioli and miso ranch.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Chickery’s Street Corn has created a twist on the staple that fuses the classic American and the Mexican varieties of the street food.
  • The Hummus & Pita Company’s couscous salad is a lovely and delicious side that features couscous, corn, carrots, Kalamata olives and Feta cheese.
  • Daug Haus’s loaded tots reinterprets the childhood fast-food, giving it a new grownup palate-pleasing profile with mature toppings, like aioli, miso ranch, garlic and spicy basil flavor.

“We were able to create a standalone side without going beyond our current ingredients that we have on hand.”

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