3 Tips to Train Seasonal Workers in Food Safety

Food safety is by far the most important aspect of working in the public food industry, and the process of training new employees should be reliable and diligent. It is important to train seasonal staff with the same time and consistency as full-time workers in order to maintain proper levels of organization and the adherence to food safety guidelines. When you spot someone engaging in a practice that is not permitted, take the time to retrain them in order to prevent future mishaps.

Key Takeaways:

  • New employees should be trained in food safety protocols over and over again.
  • If a worker is trained to run a cash register but not to handle and prepare food, then don’t give that worker food-prep duties.
  • Be sure employees are aware of general best practices, such as handwashing and personal hygiene.

“Just one mistake by an untrained employee can cause a foodborne illness outbreak at your restaurant.”

Read more: https://www.restaurantnewsresource.com/article100937.html

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