3 Ways to Amaze Customers

Fast Casual published a useful feature about how restaurant operators can use trend monitoring and customer feedback to surprise and delight restaurant visitors. Coming up with new ideas that are fun and unexpected is essential to retaining a solid customer base and ensuring that the same people keep coming back to your restaurant.

Paying attention to what customers are saying on social media and reviews sights is obviously incredibly important. Addressing negative feedback is of course crucial, but responding to praise with a personal thank you can also be a great tool because it makes loyal customers feel special.

Another way to leverage social media to your advantage is by making your restaurant’s appearance shareable. If a customer sees a joke they like written on the sandwich board or a cute piece of decoration, they will be likely to snap a picture and share it online. This gives you free advertising, and will make the customer who took the picture remember your restaurant favorably.

You must always pay attention to external factors that could affect your restaurant’s business. Keep your eye on food trends and the demographics of your neighborhood to make sure that you’re serving customers exactly what they want. Staying ahead of the trends will keep customers coming back again and again.

Read the full article here: 3 Ways to Surprise, Delight Customers

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