6 Customer Service Lessons for Young Millennials

Many young people find themselves employed in customer service positions these days. It is normal, many of us got our start in the job world behind a cash register. One thing that makes dealing with the public easier, is the right advice. Knowing what to say and do and when is very useful knowledge for any customer service professional

Key Takeaways:

  • Being available doesn’t necessarily require approaching customers, making eye contact, smiling, or extending verbal greetings, although this is the method many organizations favor.
  • The less employees say, the less chance there is of saying something distracting, confusing, annoying, wrong, or even offensive.
  • The safest words to say to a customer usually end in a question mark. Open-ended questions are a good place to start.

“In fact, most organizations seeking to scale their operations in any significant way tend to put a young (and therefore relatively inexpensive) workforce out front.”


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