8 Reasons Your Kids Should Work in Restaurants-Guest Post by David Wither via TODAY Parenting Team

Direct your teen to work in a restaurant and you are teaching them great skills they’ll take with them into the future, according to a post by David Wither. Of course, Wither also states that working in a restaurant is beneficial for teens for many other reasons, like how to be clean, how to work well with other people, and how to respond to different situations now and later in life. Now it is time to direct your child to a restaurant job!

Key Takeaways:

  • Working in a restaurant seems to be good professional development for those headed into the hospitality industry, as well as those headed into almost any industry.
  • Work requires good time management, minute to minute planning, quickness and efficiency from having your napkins folded to delivering tasty meals and drinks.
  • Teamwork and reliance on one another is necessary, as well as working with and serving diverse people and needs in a clean atmosphere which provides satisfaction and fun.

“Half of all Americans have worked in restaurants at some point over the course of their lives. According to the National Restaurant Association, restaurant work is the first job for one out of three Americans.”

Read more: http://www.servernotservant.com/2017/12/16/8-reasons-your-kids-should-work-in-restaurants-guest-post-by-david-wither-via-today-parenting-team/

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