Bringing Diversity to Fine Dining

Diversity is becoming a more prominent issue in all parts of American culture right now, and restaurant kitchens are no different. The 2014 State of the Industry Diversity Report from the Multicultural Foodservice & Hospitality Allowance shows that although African-Americans account for more than 15 percent of hourly restaurant employees, they make up only 7 percent of the managerial staff at restaurants. African-American chefs may have a more difficult time rising to the top  because of a dearth of role models or because they have a harder time accessing the financial resources to start a restaurant.

Despite the current shortage of diversity at the top of the culinary world, there are some signs that things will change in the future. Eduardo Jordan in Seattle, Marcus Samuelsson in New York and Mashama Bailey in Seattle are all people of color who have been heralded as culinary visionaries.

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