Cheers to Healthy Drinks!

As an owner of a restaurant, you probably know that it’s best to respond to the trends that you see with your customers and in the food industry. When everyone decided to go low-carb, you found some great substitute recipes for your clients. When people swapped out the carb-avoidance for gluten, you were the first to offer items that were gluten-free as well. You were even on the frontlines of the major kale fad and started featuring it in salads and soups ahead of the competition. So, now it’s time to put your ear on the ground and discover the new way that people are expressing their love for food: in the form of juices! We love fresh orange, apple, pineapple and other fruit juices, but many people are now expanding their knowledge of juices and the roe they play in their daily diets! Cold-pressed juices are not only great options for snacks, but in some cases they can be used as replacements for meals. If you own a restaurant or are a chef looking for the next best thing, read this article today to learn about the juice phenomenon!


Read the full article here: Drinking to Health


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