Commerce Signals Launches Tracking Service for First-Party Data

Recently, Commerce Signals launched a tracking service specifically for first-party data. This move was in direct response to the clear need for transparency among consumers and partners in the hospitality industry. This new tracking service will insure the management of consumer privacy across the data supply chain. According to Russell Schrader, the company’s Chief Privacy Officer, it is time for change around all of the processes involving data security, including accumulation, selling, sharing, and regulation. Commerce Signals new service will allow data owners to have a new awareness and sense of control around consumer data.

Key Takeaways:

  • Commercial signals provide business owners with the ability to transport data in a secure fashion from port to port.
  • These signals do not hold third-party seller or advertising information, but rather, any permission or agreement contracts.
  • This new software allows you to track the use of transmitted data, and control it for future use.

“Recent events regarding uses of consumer data clearly demonstrate the need for transparency to anchor consumer trust, brand identity, and data partnerships.”

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