Developing a profitable events program

This is a hospitality article for restaurants that is discussing other ways to create profits and grow your clientele. It discusses ways to offer and execute a multitude of events for your restaurant that would otherwise be a slow period of business. It talks about offering your space as a venue for things such as weddings, birthday parties and other social events. It goes over the benefits of this practice like higher profits, expanding your customer base and avoiding those slow periods a restaurant usually experiences.

Key Takeaways:

  • Corporate happy hours, bridal events and large birthday parties take place in restaurants like yours every day.
  • Events offer a way to spin up another revenue line and bring folks in in a different way.
  • Revenue from private events has the potential to be more profitable than a typical two-top or four-top, Miller said.

“Our guests are evolving to more of experience seekers, so you can sell your events in main dining or bar spaces.”

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