Downsizing Could Be a Smart Menu Move

In the past, having a large menu was seen as a good thing. When you can offer your customers a hundred options you’re able to please everyone, right? Unfortunately large menus have large drawbacks. Restaurants are starting to turn in the other direction and have good reason to do so. Downsizing your menu could not only save you a lot of money, but it will likely please your customers too.

Several U.S. chains have been cutting menu items, including IHOP and Tony Roma’s. McDonalds has been downsizing and changing things up too. Decreasing your number of offerings will decrease your food waste and allow your staff to focus on quality. It’s also less overwhelming to customers, allowing them to make their choice faster, which also speeds up table time.

Could your menu stand to lose a little weight this year? Cutting your least popular sellers might be a smart move.

Read the full article here: Short Menus vs Long Menus: Which Do Customers Prefer?

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