Elevate Your Restaurant With a Quality Wine List

There are few things that go better with a nice meal than a nice glass of wine. When paired correctly, the various elements in the wine can enhance each bite of food, elevating the entire dining experience to a completely new level. While it can be difficult to achieve the right pairing with every dish, and often even harder to develop a wine menu for an entire restaurant’s offerings, it can help to create a superior dining experience for your customers and can even attract more upscale patrons. This post from Buzztime provides some tips for curating and creating your own wine menu, based on your restaurant’s overall atmosphere, theme and signature menu items. Before you find a wine purveyor or supplier, it can help to have a conversation with your head chef and/or sommelier to discuss what regions and varietals would make the most sense to include on your list, and which would pair best with some of your more popular menu items. It’s also important to have a variety of varietals included on a wine list; rather than five different chardonnays, include a few different white options so people can experiment with different varietals. Whatever you decide to include, have fun with your selections and you’ll see results.

Read the full article here: How to Create a Winning Wine List

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