Food Trends We’re Tired Of

There are a number of food, drink and presentation ideas and techniques that were popular a few years ago but by now are getting a little old and tired. Some of these involve making strange combinations of different foods, serving foods and drinks in or on non traditional surfaces or containers, overusing superfoods as ingredients and guilt tripping customers about various meat or animal products. Dining out should be an enjoyable experience, not a walk through a social landmine field.

Key Takeaways:

  • Everything IS like a taco lately. We’ve taken liberties with the word ‘taco’ and have reduced it to its convenient packaging style. BBQ taco? Sushi taco? You got it.
  • Plating is going in one direction, up! When it comes to presentation, simple and composed is often the best.
  • Cauliflower has been pretty pushy lately. From cauliflower rice, to cauliflower pizza crusts and cauliflower “alfredo” sauce, we’re getting this meaty vegetable everywhere

“This is definitely a personal preference, but it is a fact that deconstructed food can get gimmicky pretty fast. Skip the gimmicks, highlight your food, and use when appropriate.”

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