Get the Juice!

The idea of eating healthy is not something that’s new. From generation to generation, eating to maintain your health has been a constant focus for more people and families, just the method of doing that has evolved. At one point in culinary history, eating healthy meant having a “square” home-cooked meal that included a meat, a starch, and a vegetable option. At another point in history, the trend was to make sure that everything was low-fat, so that we could focus on being heart healthy by eating foods with less fat and slightly less flavor. Then salads became acceptable as meals or meal replacements and the types of salads available spread like wild-fire. These days, a lot of people are still looking to preserve their health, but may not have the time to devote an entire sit down meal to it. This is why we see a sharp rise in juices and people wanting to get their nutrients in a liquid form. If you are looking to add fresh juices to your menu, read this article today!


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