Give a Little to Get a Lot

Creating a sense of loyalty among your diners can be tricky in such an overcrowded dining space; why should they continue to come back to your bar or restaurant when there are so many others out there that they could try, and spend their money at? With so many options, it’s hard for customers to remain faithful to one in particular. But there are some things you can do to entice your regular customers to stick with you, and even engage new potential diners to keep coming back. This post from Buzztime explains the power of “keepsakes” when it comes to restaurant marketing, and how offering a special souvenir mug, beer glass or other item can create a feeling of sentimentality and positive emotions.

For example, if you host frequent events at your bar or restaurant, having a keepsake item like a t-shirt or cup for the first 50 diners through the door can not only make them feel as if they’re part of a community, but also entices them to continue coming back to collect even more items. It’s a small upfront cost for you, but it can payoff big in the long run. Keep reading for even more promotional ideas.

Read the full article here: Keep More Customers With Keepsakes

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