Going Green at The Rayback Collective

The E Tundra online website presents a new article that discusses and references a new trend going on at the Rayback Collective. The article is authored by Natalie Fauble. Her main theme for the article is that leads must lead by example. It then goes into the dimensions of beliefs and trends that a local business in Colorado is trying to establish and exemplify to others around it. Farm and Smoke and Two Hands Mobile Kitchen are referenced within the text.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Rayback Collective installs more bike racks on bike paths and has eco-friendly goals.
  • Rayback has a goal of zero waste in the area that is situated near bike paths.
  • Rayback Collective is Colorado’s first food park. It partners with 60 different local businesses.

“The Rayback Collective calls the space formerly occupied Rayback Plumbing Supply as home. Owned by World War 2 Honorably Discharged veteran Marion Rayback for 60 years, Rayback Plumbing responded to service calls and new construction projects before specializing in the sale of used and new plumbing supplies.”

Read more: http://blog.etundra.com/spotlight-on/green-rayback-collective/

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